Kempadoo Millar caps – bespoke, creative and fun!

I managed to fight through the hoards of people at the Kempadoo Millar Headwear stand at HATstock for to chat with creative founder and queen of the flatcap, Rhian Kempadoo-Millar.


Where are you based? Leeds, Yorkshire

How did your millinery career begin? Studied at Leeds College of Art from 2009- 2011. Started making flat caps once graduated & started trading in 2012

Describe your work in 10 words: Quirky, classic, heritage, dandy, stylish, cool flat caps & baker boys

Who are you millinery heroes? Piers Atkinson & Antony Peto

What inspires you?  Nature, colour, birds,tradition meets modern, print,music, paintings, Yorkshire, The Caribbean

What is a typical day like in your studio?  The office is in a working Yorkshire woolen mill so it’s a busy environment & textiles is everywhere. I design the caps but they are manufactured 25 mins away at a small unit. I may have a meeting with one of the stockists or a client, we create bespoke caps which are creative & fun to make. I work closely with local mills such a Moons and Hainsworth so visit  regularly to choose fabrics -this is the best part of the job!

We are currently creating a new collection so organising photo shoots and marketing materials.

Where can people buy your work?

Online at

At selected stockists, found on our website

Twitter: @KempadooFlatcap 

Instagram: Kempadoomillarheadwear

Facebook: Kempadoo Millar Headwear



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