Cheshire based and Beautifully British – that’s Sue Wood Millinery!

Sue Wood Millinery is exhibiting in our Milliners Showcase at HATstock!

Where are you based? Wirral and Cheshire

How did your millinery career begin? I ventured into millinery in 2008 when I couldn’t find a hat that fitted for my daughter’s wedding. My head is smaller than average and although I love hats they didn’t sit quite right (one size does not fit all!) I have always been creative and started looking for ways to adapt a hat for a better fit.  My interest grew and I enrolled on a millinery course with Rose Cory (the late Queen Mother’s milliner) and after 3 days I was hooked.  I went on to do a short course at Liverpool Community College before graduating in 2013 from Leeds College of Art gaining distinction and higher distinctions.

Describe your work in 10 words: my style is vintage inspired with a contemporary edge “Beautifully British”

Who are you millinery heroes? Sylvia Fletcher’s work for the clean lines and quality finish, Elsa Schiaparelli for her quirky fun style and Philip Treacy  for his use of unusual materials and exquisite finish.  All these designers inspire me in different ways depending on my mood or on the brief I am following.

What inspires you? everything! from shapes, textures, a pattern in the clouds or a splash of rain.

What is a typical day like in your studio? I’m usually in the studio around 9:30, have a cuppa to start the day and go over the brief, if I’m making feather headdresses for Phantom of the Opera I’d start by making the wire combs which can take about an hour each to bend the wire into shape and cover with cotton ribbon, I’ll work on these until 11ish and discover my cuppa has gone cold so I’ll make another I spend the rest of the morning curling long ostrich plumes this can take days! depending on how many headdresses I’m making. Break for lunch around 12:30. If I had an appointment with a client (usually mother of the bride), we’ll discuss the style and size of hat and colour match to her outfit before taking any head measurements, then book in for further appointment and create action plan to make the hat before carrying on with the feather curling. Leaving the studio around 5ish.

Why did you wanted to take part in this event? I love the Hat Museum and want to support the event, catch up with my millinery friends and to create further awareness of my band

Where can people buy your work? Currently all sales are directly with me either via or in person from events I attend, I am in the process of adding a cart to the website so you will be able buy directly from my website soon!

Anything else you want people to know? New for 2017, I have launched hat making parties aimed at girlie get togethers eg. birthday parties, hen parties and race day parties
Twitter:         @millinersue
Facebook:    @suewoodmillinery



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