What makes Siobhan Nicholson Millinery tick?

Photographer: Ellie Grace Photography, MUAH Julia Jeckell, Model Zoe Denham.

Siobhan Nicholson Millinery will be exhibiting in the Milliners Showcase at HATstock as part of The Hat Stand Sheffield. Siobhan took some time out to tell us more of her story.

I’m originally from Hertfordshire & first learnt millinery at The London College of Fashion. I was lucky enough to do work placements with Kirsten Woodward & Philip Somerville & I went on to work as an apprentice at Philip Somerville in London. I had some time away from millinery, but always kept designing & making & have returned to my lovely hats in the past 6 years. I’m amazed, but proud, to say that I still had many of the skills I had learned years ago!
My work in 10 words “Small sculptural pieces, vintage inspired with a quirky modern twist!”

Millinery heroes?
Not one in particular. I suppose I admire those that create ridiculously clever pieces, not scrimping on the skills or materials used. Learning from others, teaching themselves, always working hard to achieve a finished piece that is a work of art as much as something to wear. The milliner that makes me gasp with admiration at the moment is Maor Zabar & I’m always delighted by Bridget Bailey’s work too!

What Inspires me? I find inspiration in so many things. I love looking at vintage fashion books and at current trends but I’m inspired by the colours & shapes I see around me every day. Nature, architecture even when I’m shopping, I can see a bowl or a cup that can make me think of a hat!

A day in my studio? I try to set out my work for the next day each evening so that after the chaos of breakfast time & school runs, I can come in and start something without having to start from scratch! Work very much depends on which orders I’m working on & I am terrible for starting new things before I’ve finished the last. Sometimes I just have a really good idea that I need to make straight away!

We wanted to take part in the event as we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to meet other milliners & those in the industry in our area. We thought it would be a great place to showcase our work & tell others about our collaboration as The Hat Stand Sheffield. We hope that it will inspire others to work together & support each other in similar ways.

My hats are available to buy in my Etsy shop, by enquiry on my website & at The Hat Stand Sheffield pop-up shop in Sheffield Winter Gardens throughout June 2017.

Website: siobhannicholsonmillinery.weebly.com
Etsy Shop: Siobhan Nicholson Hats
Facebook: siobhannicholsonmillinery
Twitter @shivnicholson
Instagram @siobhan.nicholson.hats

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