Pyewacket Millinery: vintage inspired made in Stockport

Lyndsay Cooper of Pyewacket Millinery took some time out to do our Q and A.
Where are you based? Stockport
How did your millinery journey begin? Attending the preview of Making Headway exhibition at the Hat Works, then attending short courses in Stockport and Leeds
Describe your work in 10 words: Vintage inspired sculptural handmade hats
Who are your millinery heroes? Elsa Schiaparelli, Paulette and many unknown home milliners from the inter-war period
What inspires you? Art, architecture, design, fashion, photography from the first half of the twentieth century
Describe a typical day in your studio: Busy, focused, multitasking on various creations
Why did you want to get involved in HATstock? I see this as a great opportunity to share my work, meet other milliners, organisations and potential clients, whilst representing Stockport milliners and as Hat Ambassador for the Hat Works museum
Where can people buy your work? Etsy shop: Pyewacket Millinery and at events listed on my social media
Instagram: pyewacketmillinery
Twitter: @lyndsaycooper
Facebook: Pyewacket Millinery

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