Bink’s Pearls: Motivation + love + mistakes + not giving up = ‘Talent’

Photography: Ellie Victoria Gale

HATstock enjoyed quizzing Bink, the creator of two millinery labels Pearls & Swine and Temptress of Waikiki.
Where are you based? Dewsbury, West Yorkshire
How did your millinery career begin? I am self taught, about 10 years ago i moved from London to Yorkshire with no real plan for my life. I was a 24/7 carer to the elderly, disabled and terminally ill. I didn’t want to be a creative, i was scared I would fail but I created while i was trying to figure out my next move as i was very burnt out from my previous job. For some reason i made hats, I honestly don’t know why. I am still learning, I hope I never stop learning. I never forget that I am very lucky, I get to make hats every day. I haven’t had a real job for 10 years, it’s not easy, you have to hustle every day but it’s wonderful and totally worth it!

Describe your work in 10 words: Quirky, sparkly, colourful surreal millinery made on a whim… basically.
Who are you millinery heroes? Bes-Ben
What inspires you? Art, colour, religious icons, insects, food, glitter, cats…
What is a typical day like in your studio? I make hats everyday… just whatever comes into my head and hands
Why did you wanted to take part in this event? I like the Stockport hat museum.
Where can people buy your work? and
Anything else you want people to know? Motivation + love + mistakes + not giving up = “Talent”, the more time you spend creating the more “talented” you become.

Websites: and

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