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Emma Fozard Millinery: Designer maker of headpieces and hats; uses wood veneer to create wearable sculptures. Offers a bespoke service to make your hat special to you.

Where are you based? Studio 5, Marketplace Studios, 18-19 Market Place, Stockport, SK1 1EU

How did your journey into millinery begin? I studied Three Dimensional Design at Manchester Metropolitan University where I specialised in making headpieces in wood veneer; I have since taken millinery courses at Hat Works and now combine my own techniques with traditional millinery processes.

Describe your work in 10 words. Sculptural and articulate headwear that enhances and flatters the wearer.

Who are your millinery heroes? First and foremost is Philip Treacy for his belief and promotion of the importance of wearing hats “people better for wearing them”. Secondly is Dai Rees for giving me my first taste of experimental millinery whilst I was at university and for redefining the boundaries of headwear.

What inspires you?
I am fascinated by the transformative properties of the right hat, the interaction between wearer and audience and the relationship between the maker and client. Hats are worn so infrequently these days that many people feel awkward when a formal occasion arises and they are required to wear them; I believe that there’s a hat to suit everyone and that the right hat will enhance the stature and feelings of the wearer whilst completing their outfit. I am inspired by the sculptural quality of wood veneer and exploit its natural tendencies to bend and flex whilst pushing its fragile nature to the limit. I enjoy combining colour, pattern and texture to accentuate the forms and create a connection with the wearer.

A typical day in your studio?
A typical studio day is; looking out over Stockport’s glass covered market place and reading my list to plan the day- I have two children at school which makes my studio time quite short so every minute counts! I’m making a concerted effort with marketing so I’m reading “The Art of Shouting Quietly” by Pete Mosley-I’ll spend an hour on that. I’m currently working on some Spring/Summer designs and I’ve been blocking buckram and I’m now covering it with Liberty Tana Lawn fabric. I will probably need to pop to the haberdashery stall in the market to buy a particular shade of cotton that will be hand picked by the stall holder for an exact match. Lunch will be midday as I can’t concentrate with a rumbling tummy and I’ll knock on Lauren’s studio (she’s a jeweller) so we can have a catch up and share ideas whilst we eat. After lunch I’ll write a blog post and work behind the scenes on my website to make it more search friendly then its time to whizz home to collect my children from school.

Why did you want to take part in HATstock?
Living in Bramhall I am familiar with Stockport’s hatting heritage as the Hat Works opened during my third year at MMU and I had work in it’s opening exhibition. Seventeen years later I have taken several millinery courses there and here I am based in Stockport with my own studio through Manchester School of Art’s start up scheme for graduates. HatStock is a perfect opportunity for me to show my work to help grow my own millinery business surrounded by Stockport’s rich millinery history.

Where can people buy your work?
Online at and by appointment at Studio 5, marketplace studios, 18-19 Market Place, Stockport SK1 1EU

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